Hot air balloon rides are one of the most fascinating experiences you will ever have. The roar of the burners as you rise into the sky, then the silence of floating, drifting with the winds, looking down on trees, lakes, farms and fields. You'll see New Hampshire in a way that ground-bound travelers never do.

Hot air balloons are something special in comparison to other forms of aviation. You don’t feel the wind, you are a part of it, almost not even realizing that you are moving. Hot air balloons drift gracefully above the ground at heights of 500 to 2,000 feet where peace and tranquility over whelm you as you float over the tree tops above the beautiful New Hampshire countryside. 

Nobody forgets their first balloon flight. It is truly an experience that cannot compare to anything else. The sensation of flying over trees, lakes and streams, spotting deer and other wildlife is unique and inspiring. If you really want to make a lasting impression, a hot air balloon ride is the ultimate "unforgettable" gift.

Hot air ballooning is one of the most unique and popular attractions in New Hampshire. We look forward to giving you one of the most “uplifting” experiences that can be had in a hot air balloon, based in Chester, New Hampshire we offer Hot Air Balloon rides perfect for "every" occasion just 30 minutes from Boston, MA. 

Young or Old we are confident that with our pilot Andre and his 25+ years experience you will walk away with the memory of a lifetime and a story to share for years to come!

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