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A&A Balloon Rides, LLC

North Salem, New Hampshire

Take flight!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ballooning

About Us

Hot air balloon rides are one of the most fascinating experiences you can have: the roar of the burners as you rise into the sky, then the silence of floating, drifting with the winds, looking down on trees, lakes, farms, and fields. You get to see New Hampshire in a way that ground-bound travelers never do.

Hot air balloons are something special in comparison to other forms of aviation. You don’t feel the wind; you are a part of it, almost not even realizing that you are moving. The balloon drifts gracefully above the ground at heights of 500 to 2,000 feet, where peace and tranquility overwhelm you as you float over the tree tops above the beautiful New Hampshire countryside.

Based in Chester, New Hampshire, we offer hot air balloon rides perfect for every occasion just 30 minutes from Boston, MA. We look forward to giving you an uplifting experience.

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Our Customers Are Flying High!

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Safe and beautiful

Five of us went for the hot air balloon ride with Andre today and we found it to be great. First of all, to my surprise, I found the trip perfectly safe even though I am a bit afraid of heights. The balloon pass the tree tops smoothly and we could get a great view. It was cool to take photos when we flied over ponds to see the reflections.

– Wendy F., Yelp
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Friendly, Informative, and Fun!

Andre and his crew were very friendly, informative, fun and accommodating! The ride itself was about an hour long, which was plenty of time to get a full experience and take in some great scenic views. There were 3 other couples that rode along with us, and space wise it was comfortable (the basket holds more than you would think).

– Amanda B., Yelp
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Roomy in the Cockpit!

This was a birthday present to my fiancée. There were eight of us onboard and it was surprisingly non-claustrophobic. As for the balloon ride itself, it was absolutely wonderful. Flying over the trees and ponds in New Hampshire was the best view I could have asked for. Andre and the rest of the crew were so friendly and kind.

– Elise G., Yelp
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Sunrise Ride

A beautiful, peaceful, and lovely trip! We loved soaring above the tree tops and especially loved the opportunity to help assemble and disassemble the balloon. Andre and the crew were so kind and friendly, more than willing to answer questions and very upbeat, considering how early it was (we met at 4:45 am for a sunrise ride)!

– JD S., Yelp
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Reflection in the Water

We just finished our first balloon ride with A&A and it was an amazing time. The pilot, Andre, would spin the balloon around so that everyone got a 360 degree view of the area as he pointed out different landmarks. He dropped to just a few feet above the stream so that we could see our reflection in the water.

– James V., Yelp